Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry Server Specialists

SSL Certificate - Enabling Services

After you have requested your certificate and installed the response, you need to enable the services. 

Before doing so you should configure the Web Access and Other Client Host Names to match the SSL certificate. 

If you are using SBS 2011 DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER. SBS 2011 users should refer to these instructions instead.

  1. Right click on the new certificate and choose "Assign Services to Certificate..."

  2. You can now select the server that you want to modify the services on.
    If the certificate has been exported and imported in to additional servers, then you may find more than one server is listed.
    Click next.

  3. You can now select the services that you want to use the certificate for. Enable the services that are installed on the server. For most users this will be the top four, but not Unified Messaging.

  4. After choosing Next, you will get a summary screen and the task is complete.
    You should at this point run IISRESET on the server. This will break any existing sessions that could be using old or unsigned certificates and make them re-establish the connection using the new certificate.

Other Uses for this Certificate

The certificate can also be used for other tasks, as it has the server's name in it.

  • Remote Desktop Services gateway. This allows access to the server and other servers with remote desktop and/or Terminal Services enabled on it through HTTPS, using the same technology as Outlook Anywhere. Set the certificate through the management tool for RDS gateway (SBS 2011 wizard does this for you).