Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry Server Specialists

SSL Certificate - Response Installation

After you have requested your certificate and received the response, you need to complete the request.

  1. First - check the instructions from the provider to see if there are additional instructions about installing intermediate certificates. If there are, then these should be completed first.
  2. Copy the SSL response file to the Exchange 2010 server.
  3. Open the Exchange 2010 Management Console and go back to the Server Configuration window.

  4. Right click on the SSL Certificate request that you created, and choose "Complete Pending Request..."

  5. A screen will appear. use the browse button to choose your certificate response file. While the example uses a file ending in .cer, the file could have another extension. You do not have to rename the extension, simply choose to view all files and select the correct file. Then choose Complete.

  6. You are now ready to assign services to the certificate if using the full Exchange product. If you are on SBS 2011, then you need to use the wizard in the SBS management console to assign the services.