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Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant

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  • Introduction - What is the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant?
  • Accessing the Troubleshooting Assistant
  • Using the Troubleshooting Tool
  • Shortcuts to the Tools

Introduction - What is the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant?

The Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant (EXTRA) was first introduced with Exchange 2003 as a separate download. Since Exchange 2007 it has been integrated with the product.

In Exchange 2010, The EXTRA tool is used as the basis for a number of tasks. The Mail Flow Troubleshooter, Message Tracking Log Explorer and Performance Troubleshooter all use EXTRA as their underlying basis.

Accessing the Troubleshooting Assistant.

It is important that you use the correct version for your version of Exchange. Using the Exchange 2003 tool against Exchange 2010 is going to give you false results.

For Exchange 2010, there is nothing to download. It is built in. You can access it in one of three ways.

  1. Through the Exchange Management Console

    Each task for the tool has its own shortcut, and can be accessed through the management console in the tool box.


  2. Running the Tool Directly

    You can run the tool itself and then select which task you want to do. Use the following command for that:


  3. Running the Tool Directly, with a specific tool started

    If you know which tool you want to use, then you can start the EXTRA tool with the relevant tool started. Click Start, Run and copy the relevant command in to the box:

    Mail Flow Troubleshooter

    Message Tracking Log Explorer

    Performance Troubleshooter

Using the Troubleshooting Tool

Each tool has its own instructions, which you should follow and then review the advice given. It may well link to Technet Articles which will provide further information on the issue.

Shortcuts to the Tools

You can create shortcuts to these tools, as well as the others in the Toolbox, by using the methods on the Toolbox Shortcuts page.