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Script to Create Shortcuts to the Exchange Toolbox tools

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Other Versions of Exchange

This article is also available for other versions of Exchange.

Exchange 2007
Exchange 2013


Screenshot: Menu Structure Created by the Shortcut Script

The Exchange Management Console contains a number of useful tools for managing Exchange, which are actually separate items. This means that it is quite easy to setup a shortcuts in your Start Menu for those tools, so that you don't have to start them through the Exchange Management Console.

You can either create them manually, or use the script on this page which creates the menu structure shown on the left.

Script Use

  1. Copy and paste the entire script below, in to notepad.
  2. Save as shortcuts.vbs on the Exchange server.
  3. Run the script from an elevated command prompt.
  4. The script will prompt you for the server's FQDN, enter that in the format of - so no https or / anything.

While the script will create shortcuts on any machine, they will only work on a system with the Exchange 2010 management tools installed. It also does not include the shortcuts for the Unified Messaging Tools.