Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry Server Specialists

Admin Tools Pre-Requisites

You can install the Exchange 2007 administration tools on to your workstation. Unlike Exchange 2003 Admin tools, it is supported to have Outlook installed on the same machine as the admin tools (yes, you can also install Outlook on to your Exchange 2007 server if you wish). You may also find that the admin tools will load a bit quicker.

Microsoft have released a standalone Admin tool download, but it would seem to be the full installation without the UM language packs - and weighs in at around 600mb. Rather than download it fresh, if you have the Exchange 2007 SP1 or higher already downloaded then you can use that. You will need the correct architecture, so if you are using a standard 32 bit version of Windows XP or Windows Vista, then you will need the 32 bit (aka x86) version of the Service Pack.

Powershell Download Page:
Note that there are different versions of Powershell for each OS.

When running setup, carry out a custom installation and then select the Management Tools only. The installer will tell you if you are missing any required updates.

Windows Vista

  • Powershell
  • .net Framework 2.0 SP1

Windows XP SP2 and Higher and Windows 2003.

Windows XP SP1:

Not supported

Windows 2000 (Professional and Server)

Not Supported