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When Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) isn't working correctly, it can be a pain to troubleshoot as all you get are cryptic error codes.

Major things to check...


The ActiveSync push only works over a mobile phone connection, so if you are trying to see the feature work over a wireless or wired network connection, you will not. Regular initiated sync should work over the wireless connection though.

Windows Mobile prior to version 6 is not universally compatible with wildcard SSL certificates, so if you have one of those you will need to change it for a named host certificate for maximum compatibility. 

Certificate Prompts

Browse to where is the name on the certificate.

If you get a certificate prompt, then that will  cause EAS to fail, as it cannot handle the certificate prompt. Ideally you should be deploying this feature with a purchased certificate, but if you do need to use a certificate that isn't trusted by one of the built in root certificates, or need to import your own root certificate, then the certificate will need to be installed on to the device.

Authentication Settings

If you suspect that the authentication settings are not correct on Exchange 2007, then simply recreate the virtual directory.

First, delete the existing directory using the Exchange Management Console (where EXCH01 is the name of the server).

If you aren't sure of the identity of the ActiveSync directory, as the command must be exact, then use the following command to show how Exchange sees the virtual directory:

Then create a new one:

External Sites

Error Codes List:

Microsoft Test Site: