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OWA - URL Manipulation

By manipulating the address in Outlook Web Access on Exchange 20003 and 2003, you can get it to display content in many different ways. You if aren't already logged on to OWA, then you will be asked to authenticate when you access. If you are accessing another's mailbox then you can use your own credentials if you have the correct permissions.

These URLs can also be of use of you want to embed OWA information in to another web page, or a SharePoint site. 

Mailbox URLS

Accessing another mailbox


Where alias is the mailbox alias - which often matches the username of the account - but not always. Known elsewhere as the mailbox name

Accessing a Folder Directly


replace "inbox" with the folder that you want to access

Viewing the Rules on the Mailbox


Select the rule, then click the button "Change Rule..."

Calendar Views

Being able to display a full screen calendar may be useful for your intranet to display the availably of a resource that has its own mailbox.
All of these links will occupy the entire browser window, unless specified.



Current Week View


Current Month View


Specific Week View

Change the d=25 to another number and it will show the week with that day in it. Remove the &d=25 completely and it will show you the week with the 15th in it.


Specific Day View


Specific Month View


Recover Deleted Items View

If you have deleted items from Outlook, then flushed them from the Deleted Items folder, it is possible to get them back using Deleted Items Recovery, which is a command available in Outlook.
However by default, Outlook only allows you to recover deleted items from the Deleted Items folder. If you did Shift Delete on an item from another folder, then you cannot get it back easily.
There is a registry hack available to allow Deleted Items Recovery from any folder, but you can also use OWA.

This command would show it for your inbox:


More information on recovering deleted items can be found here.

Public Folders

Public Folders are also suitable for the direct URL treatment.


If the folder name is the top level folder of a structure, then OWA will open a window with the top level folder and its subfolders listed underneath. This is useful for linking to sections of public folders.

If you have a folder with calendar items in it, then you can use the same URL manipulation to change the view.

For example, in a public folder called Appointments, which is a sub folder of Amset this will give you a week view:


If you have deleted an item or folder from Public Folders, then using OWA is often an easier method to recover the deleted item or folder than the registry change.

More information on recovering deleted items in public folders can be found here.