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Groups - Make Your Groups Appear at the Top of the Global Address List

If you have distribution lists within your Global Address List, you might want them to appear at the top of the address list.
This is achieved by changing their name and display name so that they have a space at the start.

"Staff - All"


" Staff - All"

The change will not appear until after Recipient Update Service has run. If your users are on Outlook 2003 cached mode, or using Offline Folders with an older version of Exchange, then the change will show when the Offline Address Book has updated (more information on the OAB)

Screenshot : All Staff with Display Name adjusted to include space and secured to allow only members of the group to send to it

Public Folders

This technique also works for Public Folders. You need to adjust the Public Folder properties through Exchange System Manager. On the first tab "General" change the option to "Use this name" and enter the name that you want the folder to appear as in the GAL.

Screenshot : Public Folder with changed Display Name

User Accounts

This technique does not work for user accounts.

Exchange 2007 and Higher

This technique does not work on Exchange 2007 or higher.