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Exchange Best Practises Analyzer

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  • Introduction - What is the Exchange Best Practises Analyzer?
  • Accessing the Best Practises Analyser
  • Using the Analyser
  • Shortcut to the Tool

Introduction - What is the Exchange Best Practises Analyzer?

The Exchange Best Practises Analyzer was first introduced with Exchange 2003 as a separate download. Since Exchange 2007 it has been integrated with the product.

It carries out a large number of checks against the system to verify that it is configured correctly, flagging potential configuration issues and other problems. This means it is an invaluable tool when setting up the server, and for checking a server is configured correctly in the future.

Accessing the Best Practises Analyser

It is important that you use the correct version for your version of Exchange. Using the Exchange 2003 analyser against Exchange 2007 is going to give you false results.

For Exchange 2007, there is nothing to download. It is built in. You can access it in one of two ways.

  1. Through the Toolbox in the Exchange Management Console.

  2. Through the Run Command by running the following command:

Using the Analyser

The tool is quite self explanatory and therefore no additional instructions are required. After completing a scan, it will tell you what needs to be looked at and provide you with links to explanations of the problems on the Microsoft web site.
Do not be concerned if it finds issues - many of them are things that you wouldn't know to check for and are easily corrected.

Shortcut to the Tool

You can create shortcuts to this tools, as well as the others in the Toolbox, by using the methods on the Toolbox Shortcuts page.